December 2011 – Post Torture Garden Montreal

I was excited to come to Montreal and it didn’t disappoint!  It was first time in the city and I was wondering how they party but hell they DO party.
By law clubs shut at 3am so every night (Friday, Saturday AND Sunday), there was an after party. Yes we survived 6 parties in 3 days! They even had a disco mini bus to take us to one after the main event on Saturday.

The main venue (Bain Mathieu)  for the Saturday ball was an old swimming pool and the dance floor was in the pool!  (pic below). Lovely white tiled dancefloor…I thought about filling it with something like lube!
The fashion show went well and all 11 models looked beautiful. Thank you all who were involved 🙂 You can watch the show’s footage on video here (Youtube link- thanks Michel Parent for shooting this).

Here are the photos of a couple of new designs I made for this show.

The last night (Sunday) party venue was again very interesting called L’Auberge which was built in 1688!!!!  You can read the history and see photos on their website. Although the building is ancient, the decor inside is very modern and really cool.. they also have cave-like basement area, which I really liked.

Our hotel was equally gorgeous called Opus -where the last after party was held at one of their suites.

Big thanks to the promoter Cirque de Boudoir for having us! You are hard core! Check out their NYE party if you are local.

Kaori xxx